There is at least one thing that every one of us seems to have in common: Choice. Choice is the core of personal power! It is the genesis of creation and manifestation. Your understanding of this may make the difference in a life of joy or a life of dread and quiet resignation. Choice is the king of possibility.

On a spiritual level you may believe that your destiny or path is already chosen. Or it may seem that the choices you make are designed to fit inside of a larger choice that’s already made.

Do you sometimes feel powerless to choose? Do your choices fall short of what you want? Do circumstances and other people seem to choose for you, before you even get the chance to choose for yourself? Are the choices you are making the ones you really want to make? But if you could choose what you really want, what would you choose?

We tend to live by default or by our own design. Default is when you settle for what you get when you do the minimum or “play not to lose”. Many people tend to rely on the tried and true and look to past experiences to determine what decisions to make, or they resort to waiting and reacting to current events and circumstances to determine how they live. Neither of these scenarios is about consciously designing your life. Living by design is “living by choice”.

What is Choice? To choose is to go beyond the decisions based on options that are already fixed. Free Choice transcends fixed options and decisions. You start with stepping “outside your box”. That allows you to bring forth new realities from the background of infinite possibilities. Then you create a vivid the picture in your mind of what you want. This clarity gives you a more solid foundation on which to take a stand and to declare who you will be and how you will live going forward. Remember, the clearer you are about what you want, the greater your success in designing your life.

Therefore, the thing to do is to go deeper into the true nature of free choice, and how to gain access to it and how to execute it. It helps to know the right ways to think and what to think about in order to feel competent and confident to choose. Acting is the easy part but choosing is more challenging. Here are some core competencies to master in making great choices:

♦Identifying your purpose and path
♦Modeling how great achievers think
♦Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills
♦Discovering the Root Issues
♦Discerning Your Real Opportunities

Conversations on these competencies increase your certainty and clarity, so that choosing is more natural, easier, and more on point for your life. Engaging in these key questions on choice, how you to get what you want, when you want it, and how to enjoy your success are prerequisites for a life by design.

Dr.Ray Blanchard