Teaching winning skills for all

Upend life’s challenges with proven wisdoms for
Health, Wealth & Joy

Shape a beautiful life with a new set of skills.

When you feel stuck or life throws curve-balls, a mind on autopilot simply ignores your wisdom.
Old coping tactics keep you stuck and increase stress, anxiety and negativity.

We teach proven, neuroscience-backed skills from time immemorial, so you can shape a life of
well-being, abundance, and joy.

We call them Winning Skills.

Unlock your wisest self

Our Master Teachers curated the most valuable cross-cultural wisdom teachings, and then translated them into everyday Winning Skills for you.

Win at home, win at work, and win at life, with practical skills you will learn through our mindfully designed Courses and from peers in our free Community spaces

To “win” means to “win wisely”: it must work for all and our Earth, and stand the test of time – like the Elders used to teach, and schools no longer do.

Improve your


Experience true well-being & renewed life energy as you align body, heart, mind and soul through the Winning Skills of Balance.

Increase your Wealth
Increase your


Master the Winning Skills of Abundance to perform at your peak in a new way, sharing in the riches of relationships, success, and experiences open to each of us.

Deepen your


Let the Winning Skills of the Light-heart guide you to find your peace, and bring the power of laughter and fun to all.

Three Ways To Play



Free, content-rich & open venues to share and learn wisdom teachings interactively, with like-minded and like-hearted folks from all walks of life.



Free and discounted courses at our “New School of Living Wisdoms”. Join our Master Teachers, coaches and peers and engage in a hands-on way to learn valuable skills for health, wealth & joy in all our lives.



Elder Wisdom Keepers persist in learning, curating, and passing down ancient and Indigenous intelligence, often in tough circumstances.  From our donations and proceeds, we grant no-strings-attached funds to vetted Elders and their apprentices.  We also help amplify their voices.

Snapshot of the Community

Hear our Teachers live

Wisdom Happy Hour is a hosted, fun, live event every Friday to upend the week’s stress and relax into the weekend.

Every Friday at
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 9am Sydney
16:00 Europe / 18:00 Dubai

Bulletin: A Word to the Wise

Weekly Newsletter with the latest from the worlds of wisdom+neuroscience

Choose what fits your learning style and schedule:

Free Online Class

Wisdom Teachings Tour

Take our guided {Tour} Course with 10 wisdom teachings curated from our previous live classes, and get a sense of how our Teachers translate the cross-cultural wisdoms into everyday practices.

$27 each or 5 for $95

Winning Skills Singles

Our {Foundations} Course is a focused step-by-step journey from wisdom concepts to actual winning skills in five important areas of life.  Learn a wise way to de-stress, enhance your wellbeing, up your performance, improve your relationships, and have more fun with self-paced content and live Q&A with Teachers.


Winning Skills Masterclass

Our main {Opening} Course is a 90-day, interactive wisdom journey, designed to truly elevate the quality of your life, clarify your purpose, and strengthen the skills you have, want, and need. Taught live online by our Master Teachers and shaped with one-on-one coaching sessions with certified coaches, the {Opening} allows you to explore your deepest self while enjoying a warm and supportive setting, meeting interesting people, and cementing your winning skills for life.


A great experience with great people. Highly recommend it to everyone looking to make tangible changes in their lives.
Lamia S.
After nearly three decades of studying with the best of the best transformational training programs, my UpEnd experience was by far one of the most profound experiences of my life. Soooo well done!
Kim A.
I am now experiencing the “being” of life versus the “doing” of life, and it feels like an awakening. On a practical level, the impact on my business has been incredible – clients just keep coming! Seriously!
Belinda Z.

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