We've launched an open wisdoms community…

For curious folks to learn, share, and hang out in a good way

open wisdoms community

Many of us long for change of pace, clarity, relationships, or just simple ways to make our daily lives “work”.

Hidden in plain sight may be skills we’ve slowly lost touch with: humanity’s universal wisdoms. Especially those recurring and proven across cultures, traditions, and ages. And confirmed yet again with the latest neuroscience!

Our budding online community of ordinary, humble folks enjoys sharing and learning how to mold life-winning skills into our personal routines.  So that life works wiser for each of us, all of us, and our Earth.

It’s not that hard, no magic or beliefs required, and it helps to hear good ideas. There are 150+ of us thus far from all over the world and all walks of life, and here are some ways to learn more and see what fits, all free, of course:

Hear our Teachers live

Wisdom Happy Hour is a hosted, fun, live event every Friday to upend the week’s stress and relax into the weekend.

Every Friday at
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT / 9am Sydney
16:00 Europe / 18:00 Dubai

Upend Teachers & Coaches

NEW! Weekly Town Hall

Opportunity to meet teachers from our “Upend School of Winning Wisdoms” and hang out with peers in an open forum to ask, share or hear topics of interest. Coming soon…

Bulletin: A Word to the Wise

Weekly Newsletter with the latest from the worlds of wisdom+neuroscience

NEW! One-on-one intro

If you want to chat with our teachers, coaches or staff to learn more or ask question in a more private setting, send us an email and we’ll schedule a time to Zoom or talk

Coming soon…

For those who want to dig in and learn more, we’ve also built an online “New School of Winning Wisdoms”, and for now we have these courses:

Free Online Class

Wisdom Teachings Tour

Take our guided {Tour} Course with 10 wisdom teachings curated from our previous live classes, and get a sense of how our Teachers translate the cross-cultural wisdoms into everyday practices.

$27 each or 5 for $95

Winning Skills Singles

Our {Foundations} Course is a focused step-by-step journey from wisdom concepts to actual winning skills in five important areas of life.  Learn a wise way to de-stress, enhance your wellbeing, up your performance, improve your relationships, and have more fun with self-paced content and live Q&A with Teachers.


Winning Skills Masterclass

Our main {Opening} Course is a 90-day, interactive wisdom journey, designed to truly elevate the quality of your life, clarify your purpose, and strengthen the skills you have, want, and need. Taught live online by our Master Teachers and shaped with one-on-one coaching sessions with certified coaches, the {Opening} allows you to explore your deepest self while enjoying a warm and supportive setting, meeting interesting people, and cementing your winning skills for life.