Upend is a new social-enterprise committed to sharing humanity’s
cross-cultural & perennial wisdoms.

Our mission is to make wisdom skills easy to learn, easy to put into practice, and easy to live by.

We are here to re-ignite the broader sharing and living of humanity's wisdoms

Eclectic group of travelers...
As travelers across humanity & truth, spiritual seekers and jokesters, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re curious about the big and little things in life. We hail from Ivy League, Wall Street, Indigenous communities, Silicon Valley, human development, transformational trainings, mountains and rivers. Outside of our daily jobs and professions, we spend real time searching for ways to live well in ways that work for all, centered in an ecology of beings, a web of life.
...in the business of change
Our backgrounds, education, interests, and careers are beautifully varied, and what brought us together is a common thread of both deep questioning and causing real change. We mean business when we say “change” - we each have a track record of manifesting meaningful new realities in the world, affecting thousands in a good, wholesome and positive way. We are, of course, humbled and awed by the size of the task we are embarking on now, and all we can do is begin, listen, see how it goes & adapt.

Our Growing Community of Teachers

Over the years we’ve invited beautiful souls who care deeply about people and all our relations on Earth, and who have demonstrated their gifts, commitment and integrity in all their communities.


Bettie Spruill

Bettie J. Spruill, PCC is a world renowned executive coach, management consultant, entrepreneur, and trainer with over 40 years experience in the field of transformational leadership. She is also a certified Master NLP practitioner and a recognized thought leader in Ontological, Mindful, and Ecological Living.


Patricia James

Patricia James is a Medicine Woman of Seminole heritage who was adopted and traditionally trained as a Cheyenne Pipe Carrier and Cheyenne Priest. She is a cross-cultural expert whose work is informed by the mentorship of Basque cross cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, Cheyenne Grandfather, Eugene Blackbear, Sr., and her work with the elders of multiple psycho-spiritual modalities.


Dr. Ray Blanchard

Dr. Ray Blanchard is a Lifestyle Architect, who is grounded in transformational principles and “heroic leadership.” He is a master international trainer, seminar designer, corporate consultant. His deep interest in consciousness and transformational technologies has shaped his approach to trainings and life. The result is a colorful and eclectic blend of perspectives intertwined in the training world.


Martha Borst

Martha Borst has profoundly contributed to the success of countless thousands of men and women around the globe. As an international corporate consultant and executive coach, she is widely recognized and respected as a powerful influence and masterful leader in effective, peak performance strategies. For more than 40 years, Martha has shared her wisdom, state-of-the-art tools and success strategies with individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, and corporate leaders to effectively achieve aggressive professional goals while reducing stress and maintaining balance in their lives. In companies, she creates cultures of excellence by building alignment, accountability, attitude and achievement.

Dr. Elvir Causevic

Dr. Elvir Causevic

Elvir Causevic is a serial entrepreneur and wisdom activists. He’s braided business creation and personal development pathways for the past 20+ years. As an academic, founder and investment banker he created a series of enterprises, sold companies to Fortune 500s, across various professional worlds, advising the world’s leading technology, lifescience and financial players. In parallel, he fasted on a mountain, trained as a transformational coach, led trainings, advised on corporate culture and organizational development, and in his own orgs creating diverse, playful and highly functional teams globally. He founded UpEnd.


Dr. Anita Sanchez

Anita, Nahua (Aztec) and Mexican American, is an author, consultant, trainer, and executive coach who has worked with tens of thousands of business leaders and teams around the world. She specializes in indigenous wisdom, diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture, and promoting positive change in our world. Dr. Sanchez is the author of seven books including the international award-winner “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times”, published by Simon & Schuster. Recent awards include 2020 Conscious Company Media “World Changing Woman” and 2020 World Woman’s Foundation “Woman of the Hour”. Anita leads an annual journey to the sacred headwaters of the Amazon each year.


Geramy Quarto

As a longtime world explorer with a deep interest in multiple ways of being, Geramy has embraced ancient wisdom traditions and practices in all parts of his life, both personally and professionally. He continues to maintain a diligent and discerning interest in wisdom traditions and practices that have survived millennia which can be incorporated into present day decisions today, both personally and professionally.
With over 30 years of entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and executive leadership experience in both the private and non-profit sector, he has been able to articulate these experiences gathered from all parts of the globe into a way that offers answers to modern day aspirations as well as challenges. His mission is to “assist others in discovering their own wisdom with the aid of some of these wisdom practices that are as important today as they were more than 2,5000 years ago.” Upend is a way to achieve that mission.

Charity Martin

Charity Martin

Charity Martin has been involved in the field of somatic therapy, bodywork and healing for 30 years. She is a practitioner of Rosen Method Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing, the groundbreaking trauma resolution work of Dr. Peter Levine. Charity has a private practice in San Francisco, CA, and works with individuals and groups guiding people into the depth, mystery, and resourcefulness of their bodies and helping them to reclaim their connection to their hearts, inner knowing, and essence. Charity is a student and meditation teacher in the wisdom tradition of Buddhism and has worked closely with Pema Chodron, both as student and secretary for 30 years. All these influences inform her work and life, igniting her passion to help others find workability, trust and integration through the wisdom of the body/mind.


Fred Johnson

Fred’s expertise is in bringing people together from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds to create artistic forums for learning, sharing, reconciliation, vision and hope. He spent the past 16 years working in America, Europe and the Middle East presenting seminars on the power of creative expression as a tool for personal well-being and healing. As a student for nine years of West African natural healing indigenous music traditions, Johnson brings to the contemporary world a fusion of ancient sound traditions, coupled with 21st-century science on the power of the vibration universe.

Our Growing Community of Coaches

Over the years we’ve invited beautiful souls who care deeply about people and all our relations on Earth, and who have demonstrated their gifts, commitment and integrity in all their communities.

Anna Sehati

Anna Sehati

There are Life Coaches, who help with specific problem, Business Coaches, who assist with career and financial goals. I work with a person as a WHOLE, as every person is a universe.I was born and raised in Russia. A beautiful, mysterious land that shaped the unique way I observe and experience life. I studied Chemical Engineering and went on to obtain my master’s degree in Business Administration.

Benicio Farina

Benicio Farina

He is the founder of Inspirare Breathwork, a combination of Conscious Connected Breathing, Ontology and Mindfulness, and Inspire Breathwork Training, a nine-month Breathwork training. Benicio is a Certified Relationship Coach and Breathwork Teacher Trainer. Since 2005, Benicio has created his unique one-on-one and group coaching method that supports individuals and groups of diverse life paths and industries. He is one of the international trainers in Programa Transformacional Vive in Costa Rica.

Dawn Kasey Lovelace

Dawn Kasey Lovelace

I’m Dawn Kasey Lovelace and coaching is my passion! I have been a Certified Ontological Coach for over 15 years, and possesses a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation. I received professional training from Ideal Coaching Global, where I currently serve as a Staff Coach. I am fully committed to achieving the highest life possibilities with my clients. Through the exploration of their worldview and core values, I am able to support my clients in discovering their true purpose and developing a new vision for themselves.

Lorinda Bartlett

Lorinda Bartlett

Ontological & Ecological Executive Coach, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.
Lorinda Bartlett, an ICF professional certified coach and founder of Destiny Global Coaching, combines ontological, mindful, and ecological coaching with behavioral sciences to support clients, business owners, and management in balancing their work and home life by aligning with their values. I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years as an athlete, coach, personal trainer, physical therapy clinician and fitness studio business owner. I carry this expertise into my coaching, helping you move forward to achieving your most important goals.

Robert Israel

Robert Israel

Rob Israel has dedicated his life to studying and developing his ability to transform the lives of others. As a Transformational Coach and Facilitator, Rob’s presence and compassion create the space for clients to explore, make mistakes, and break through to major results.
A devoted meditation practitioner since his teenage years, in 1994 Rob committed to a Zen practice and moved to New York to study with Roshi John Daido Loori, a renowned Zen teacher and mystic. Always fueled by a passion for personal growth through self-exploration, Rob’s continual inquiry lead to a desire to serve and support people in raising consciousness through spiritual and emotional introspection.

Michelle Andrada

Michelle Andrada

Michelle Andrada coaches visionary leaders in maximizing their contribution through their joy and brilliance. She has been coaching high-powered executives, business owners and various professionals in varying positions and industries for almost 20 years. She specializes in Ontology, Ecology, & Mindfulness and is also versed in Transformational Coaching as well as Cognitive Behavioral Coaching. She has coached many in empowering their own level of personal responsibility, leadership skills as well as producing tangible, noticeable and exponential results in various life domains; often in career, personal empowerment, confidence and fulfillment, finances, revenue, relationships, and health. Michelle’s joy in coaching is supporting people in living their lives in authentic alignment with their purpose and who they say they are.

Michelle Moul

Michele Moul

Dr. Michele Moul is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. She is a staff coach with Ideal Coaching Global and the founder of OneWorld Coaching Global.  She specializes in Ontological, Ecological and Mindfulness Coaching.  Dr. Moul excels in forming meaningful partnerships with her clients in order to create safe and loving spaces full of exploration and awareness.

Dr. Moul has worked in health and wellness for over 23 years and has pursued meditation, personal growth and spirituality for over 30 years. As a coach she assists growth seekers who are on the edge of their greatness and ready to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Dr. Moul provides the support, encouragement and accountability necessary for clients to achieve clarity and the alignment of mind, body and spirit to step into the life that is out there waiting for them — a life full of meaning and purpose!

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    Our Vision

    We are here to help create a world that works for everyone, where we each live well, enjoy each other, and cherish our Earth.

    Our mission and values

    At UpEnd we are creating space for grace, learning and remembering who we are and why we are here, rooted in cross-cultural and perennial wisdoms. Our values are the values of the wisdom keepers of the ages, and include oneness, ecology, reciprocity, courage, wellbeing, honor, respect, integrity, balance, love, gratitude, joy, fun and magic, among others.