Welcome to UpEnd

I am thrilled to finally welcome you to UpEnd: A New School of Ancient Wisdoms. In parallel with “work”-work, for the past 20+ years I’ve studied with a diverse community of Elders and Master Teachers.¬† Over the last two years of the Pandemica we together created UpEnd’s {Opening} program. Join us on March 31st for a beautiful, guided 90-day Wisdom Journey, with live online classes, 1:1 coaching, and lots of resources – gently aligned with our busy lives.

Discover your key “go-to wisdom skills” and practice each in balance, find new sources of trusted wise guidance, gain clarity on professional and personal purpose, and let’s have a lot of fun — all rooted in cross-cultural, perennial human & Earth wisdoms from time immemorial.

If you too see that lots of things are not going well in the world these days, despite our smarts and resources, you too probably have a sense that these historic times call for wisdom. Come join this grassroots movement to bring more wisdom into our daily lives, so we can each live well, enjoy each other, and cherish our Earth.

Bring true-and-tried wisdoms into your daily life

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