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Our main {Opening} Course is a 90-day, interactive wisdom journey, designed to truly elevate the quality of your life, clarify your purpose, and strengthen the skills you have, want, and need. Taught live online by our Master Teachers and shaped with one-on-one coaching sessions with certified coaches, the {Opening} allows you to explore your deepest self while enjoying a warm and supportive setting, meeting interesting people, and cementing your winning skills for life.

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What's included:

Purchasing these offerings independently will cost upwards of $10,000+, but through the power of economies of scale, we are able to offer this to you for $1,995. You absolutely cannot beat this value for money.

  • Nine 3-hour sessions with master teachers: >$6,000
  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions with ICG Certified Coaches: $1,500
  • UpEnd Welcome Gift: $150
  • Wisdom Skills Foundation Course (building single skills): $99

Total Price $1,995 (87% Savings)

Start With the Four Ancient Ways of Being

Following the footsteps of many ancient mythologies and traditions, we simplify the understanding and learning of wisdoms starting with the four Ways of Being, the four primal and recurring archetypes. Each one embodies a different essence of our humanity and offers wonderful lessons to make life work, if we are willing to listen with our softest ears and learn.  Wisdom requires both the mastery of ways of being and daily practices of each, along with finding a balance between them – knowing which one to summon when and to what degree.


Beyond today’s profane view of warrior as “tough one”, ancient wisdom teaches us that warrior is the master of the art of presence, deeply aware of their surroundings, sensitive to all that is there in a space – people, energies, moods, and where things are headed.  They are wise in channeling whatever shows up in a desired direction.  Drawing from across cultures, a cross-section of warrior skills includes deep listening, artful conversation, and impactful action directly and through others, with discipline and grit.

Warriors get things done, in a good way, efficiently, and for the benefit of all.  Their results withstand the test of time, cementing their legacy as someone revered by all.


Lovers teach us how to love all of life, whatever comes our way, and how to project love out – as a core organizing principle.  In stark contrast to the “survival” worldview of limited resources where “I need to get mine before you”, lovers see and propagate abundance, interdependence and deep reciprocity rooted in a belief that we all belong here and can make it work for all.

Lovers tap into creative energies, listen to nature, and show us ways of being with each other in committed relationships, friendships, communities, at work and within our whole web of life.  There is a lot to learn, far beyond the cheap romance and commercialized libido that is often sold as “love” today.


At times misused and often misunderstood, mystics, healers, shamans, teachers and philosophers can serve a critical role for humanity.  Stripped from the religious, historical, and sometimes unflattering connotations, at its simplest, mystics are explorers, seekers of worlds beyond what is readily seen and perceived.  Whether it’s just from their deeply developed intuition about how the sacred, nature and humans work, or their actual connection across spiritual worlds, the insights of mystics can provide powerful guideposts on our own journey.
We cannot teach you to become a mystic.  But we can each strengthen our listening skills and seek our own guidance.  Perhaps we may learn to create a space to receive it and trust it.


What if the whole thing is just a game, a massive theater, a dance or a dream, for our own (or our Creator’s) entertainment, as Alan Watts used to joke?  Whether it is or isn’t, remembering to laugh at ourselves and finding ways to surprise ourselves and others makes life so much more beautiful.  People who survived wars and terrible ordeals often share that what got them through is the ability to see the paradox of it all, and finding a way to laugh despite the horror of it.

Finding that inner jokester, the coyote, the trickster, elevates the energy, gives strength, provides perspective and creates room for joy, pleasure and fun in all.

Where All Will The Journey Take Us?

Over a period of 90-days, we’ll walk together on intertwining pathways: some at your own pace, in live groups, 1:1 with your coach, and within a community of fellow travelers.

#1 Big Ideas in Bite-Sized Lecturettes

We’ve created a series of short, self-paced video lecturettes to land the major concepts, some you’ve seen before, but many new, or explored in more depth.

Presented spontaneously and intimately by master teachers who’ve walked the walk for decades, the lecturettes focus on your learning, on distinctions, on examples – without paying heed to Hollywood-style feel-good “spiritual entertainment.” The learning is what really matters, so we can together walk into the experiential classes ready to do real work.

#2 Embodiment of Insights Through Experiential Classes

Three live classes, 3-days each month –  you get to see how you really operate, catch yourself in automatic and pre-conditioned responses, and re-examine how you actually want to be.

Filled with space for mindfulness and reflection, you will chew on new insights together with your teachers, coaches, and other students in a safe-place laboratory for both playful and serious experimentation.With this incontrovertible evidence you yourself experience, you’ll truly master the insights you learned about before. You’ll have a chance to pick and choose for yourself the virtues and ways of being that support you, rooted in deep knowing.

#3 Expert 1:1 Coaching for Practice & Habit Building

Insights and experimental learning are key to truly “get” insights, but building practices takes time and expert guidance. Our coaches are critical in guiding students from practices to their own daily habits rooted in ancient wisdoms.

Using an “ontological” approach – who do you want to be – and helping you center your voice in an ecology of beings, we are attentive to hidden language, context, and worldview. We’ll also aid the focus on accountability, responsibility, goals and practices, practices, practices. This is not your ole’ football coach pep-talk or willpower-driven task list. It’s a thoughtful drawing out of your own strengths, your own commitments, and your own direction.

#4 Curated Community to Support Your Growth

A learning community is key – recent research shows that schoolkids learn well over 50% from their peers – peeking over, discussing, listening.

We built custom communities based on cohorts, classes, and interests in a safe, respectful, private social network for our students – where teachers and coaches also jump in informally to play, debate and learn. We maintain a large online campus library, many with free resources, tagged and reviewed to be most helpful.

#5 Wisdom Library & Resources

We are building a large online campus library, many with free resources, tagged and reviewed to be most helpful.

For now, we’ll share useful links and resources for your independent study and deepening your insights and practices.

#6 Guest Appearances by Wisdom Elders

Elders from our broader communities will grace us with their loving presence and insights, at their own time and with their own content.

Core: Wise Habits

Our ideal outcome is for you to create wise habits in your everyday life. Habits emerge from custom ``practices`` you design to serve your worlds, each one deeply rooted in tried and trusted wisdoms of the ages.

Ancient peoples built habits through repetition, in different forms – rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, prayers, dances and stories. We know that habit building is hard, so we focus on making it easy: We gently reiterate the skills, how-tos, and practices, over and over – in fun and refreshing ways. We do so in every lecturette, in every class, in every meaningful interaction with any of us, your coach, or your UpEnd community. Your effort will be rewarded by crossing the threshold from simple willpower into the glorious land of habit – a near-automatic behavior pattern to be wise, loving and do good for you and all.

From there on, it gets easier and easier every day – a virtuous cycle. De-construct your non-working habits, and thoughtfully and smoothly build new ones – rooted in proven ancient wisdoms that have worked for millennia.

Itinerary of the 90-day Wisdom Journey

Most activities happen on your own time or as you schedule, and we have 3 waves of group experiential classes together over three months

Wave 1: Elements

Sept. 29 (12pm PDT (noon) – 3:30pm)
Sept. 30 (12pm PDT (noon) – 3:30pm)
Oct. 1 (9am PDT – 12:30pm)

Wave 2: Integration

Oct. 20 (12pm PDT (noon) – 3:30pm)
Oct. 21 (12pm PDT (noon) – 3:30pm)
Oct. 22 (9am PDT – 12:30pm)

Wave 3: Action

Nov. 17 (12pm PDT (noon) – 3:30pm)
Nov. 18 (12pm PDT (noon) – 3:30pm)
Nov. 19 (9am PDT – 12:30pm)

Our Teachers


Bettie Spruill


Patricia James


Dr. Ray Blanchard


Martha Borst

Dr. Elvir Causevic

Dr. Elvir Causevic


Dr. Anita Sanchez


Geramy Quarto

Charity Martin

Charity Martin


Fred Johnson