Wisdom in Action: Putin’ our money where our mouth is

This week we pivoted away from marketing UpEnd’s {Opening} class, a beautiful 90-day Wisdom Journey we planned to have on March 31st – our Teachers’ and Elders’ unanimous guidance was that it was not appropriate at this time, despite two years of hard work, a trial run last Fall, and all the Zoom meetings to get it organized.

We then thought: what can we do to help, what value can the UpEnd team bring to show our support for the sanctity of human life, compassion, and peace  – as we have been taught by wisdom keepers since time immemorial?

We decided on at least two immediate actions we can do as a community at UpEnd, to start:
1.    Open up our March 31st 90-day {Opening} Wisdom Course to as many of you as can do it, but instead of charging $999, invite donations between $100-$1000 for whatever you feel the value is, or whatever you can afford.

2.    ALL proceeds/gifts/donations for the {Opening} Wisdom Course on March 31st will go to help Ukraine’s citizens and other war-affected people (with full public transparency!)

Let’s organize and share to support Ukraine wisely

Let us together travel the path of the timeless Warrior, Lover, Mystic and Lightheart.  Come meet our common ancestors and find your own way to hear their ancient teachings.  Learn wisdom skills you can practice with your family, at work, and in the wider world – where it is so needed today.  Join us as we pivot from talking to practicing, and from teaching to organizing.  In a good way.

It’s high time to UpEnd the business as usual, learn and share how we can take action together to stop this madness in Ukraine today and elsewhere tomorrow, and refresh our memory on how to live well with each other.