“Wisdom In My Life” Survey


Thanks so much for participating in the anonymous survey on wisdom in your life – it means a lot to have your input to help co-create all this with together.

We are VERY close to formally launching our free, open, secular, interactive Wisdom Sharing Community and its associated New School of Winning Wisdoms.  We have been working on this for going on three years, and we are finally going to wrap it up, opening it all within days.

HOWEVER, we need your help today please, to prioritize the teaching focus of our 90-day Wisdom {Opening} Masterclass at the end of September – we are still putting final touches on it after two trial runs online with dozens of friends and many new folks, which went great (we also raised $10k for Ukraine while we were at it, 100% of proceeds donated).

The {Opening} course is now being fine-tuned to weave wisdom teachings from time immemorial into real-life skills, which we affectionately call “winning skills” 😊.  Eight very experienced and very different teachers present interactively online, separate professional coaches help craft a personal wisdom map with six 1:1 offline sessions, there are fun and useful peer interactions, and lots of supporting content and resources.  As always, there will also be a “summary” version online accessible to all for free.  Your anonymous survey answers will be helpful for all that, plus to guide the rollout of our wisdom community – thanks again, really, it’s both useful input plus a sanity check to make sure we are on the right track!

Here is the quick 4-question survey (takes 40 seconds, says SurveyMonkey) plus you can see the stats of what your peers said:



Elvir & the Sarajevo Upend ops team

P.S. Based on feedback from you and our 150+ initial Upend folks we already heard that “de-stressing” is people’s #1 need these days – in response, this summer our teachers prepared a free, online 3 part mini-series on new ways of recognizing stressors and reducing stress: “De-stressing with Universal Wisdoms and Latest Neuroscience” –more on that when we formally launch.