Welcome to part 2 of 3: Upgrading Noticing!

These initial three lesson sets break down exactly how and why the curated, cross-cultural, secular wisdom teachings work so well today…first focused on de-stressing in a wise way.  This will get you started on creating a foundation for building your own winning skills to bring more joy back into your life and your family’s life.

Last week we started with simply defining what this new variant of stress, the “10x stress” is about, how it came into circulation in the past few years, and how it may be sneaking into our lives in both obvious and non-obvious ways.  We also gave both an exercise in embodiment – making friends with this incredible information source we lug with us wherever we go, plus an “emergency measure” to at least not add more stress to our lives ourselves, on top of what is already there.  You can see the important first lesson-set HERE

Now, we take a look at how your skill of Noticing, refreshed & upgraded, can be really helpful in finding out exactly which internal and external stressors are showing up, seeing patterns, and looking to see where all it may be hiding.  “10x stress” is pretty cunning, and finds ways to lurk from we may not even be aware of.  But with the new & improved ( 😊) skill of Noticing, there will be no place to hide!

All joking aside, as we thought deeply about how and why “10x stress” is so different now than it ever was before, we consulted many sources both ancient and the latest neuroscience, including an Indigenous perspective, and wanted to share with you what we found.

Ready to go?

Part #2 of 3: How to use the new (and old) Skill of Noticing

2.A. The Best “Noticers”

What do the most ancient of peoples and the smartest scientists and AI creators of today have in common?  They are meticulous, unbiased, and disciplined in data collection – and you should and can be too.

2.B: Noticing Skill Explained

A fresh look at the skill of Noticing and a simple, yet profound recipe how to either implement a new practice of Noticing or upgrade the practices you already have.  Easygoing interview format with Dr. Ray Blanchard, an international authority with 30+ years of hands on work with folks like us.

2.C: A Different Perspective

Patricia James, a medicine woman, pipe carrier, teacher, consultant and advisor shares both her own Indigenous perspective.  Hear also some cross-cultural insights from Patricia’s many years of work with Dr. Angeles Arrien, a UC Berkeley cultural anthropologist and a Basque tradition carrier, among others.

Wait, wait, there is one more thing… 2.D: Punchline and Next Steps 😊

Putting it all together!

Here we are, some different perspectives from science, nature, and cross-cultural wisdoms.  The important part with this lecture-set is TO DO IT.  Listening about it, and thinking about it is useful, but not really helpful.  The skill of Noticing is nuanced, sophisticated, profound.  It takes repetition.  It doesn’t take ANY extra time.  Just do the exercise as Dr. Blanchard and Ms. James suggested – notice something new, find ways to be in nature in a new way.  This one takes a bit of doing.  Let’s put it all together for today:

2.D: Punchline & Next Steps

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    Thank you and see you with the lesson-set #3 of 3 in a few days, as soon as it’s ready –  focused on a key wisdom teaching of “Courage: How to take wise action”.  We will hear from more of the teachers, different perspectives, and have some useful exercises to try on your own – as we ready for the finale after the 3rd lesson-set.

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