Welcome to your De-stressing Quickstart!

Over the next few days, my teachers and I will be breaking down how (and why) the trusted wisdom teachings coupled with the latest neuroscience can help us win back more enjoyment of our life.

Whether you are a 20-year practitioner of yoga and meditation, like I was, or a coach or teacher in your own right, or even a total novice, these “crazy times” have heaped on all of us dangerous new variants of stress, for which we need to upgrade our existing and develop new “winning skills”.

So here is how it will work.

Your first lesson-set is available right now – I and will be sending you two more sets over the next week.

These initial three lesson-sets break down exactly how and why the curated, cross-cultural, secular wisdom teachings work so well today…first focused on de-stressing in a wise way.  This will get you started on creating a foundation for building your own winning skills to bring more joy back into your life and your family’s life.

Then, the final lesson-set is where it all comes together – a way to regain BALANCE in your life, and ways to maintain that balance over the long run, no matter the craziness of the times.  We need refreshed skills to meet these new times.  We’ll be breaking down how wisdom teachings, when learned with great teachers and practiced by yourself and with the support of coaches and peers, can give you the easy to implement discipline to quickly react to challenges.

But more importantly, getting re-rooted in your own wisdoms, plus adding those that worked since time immemorial, will also powerfully answer the bigger questions in life that many of us are starting to ponder: clarity of purpose, guidance for the next big steps, and doing it all while enjoying the journey every day.

Ready to go?

Part #1 of 3: New Variants of “10x Stress” and Where to Start

1.A: Refresh & The Point

“It’s all in the setup” – the best lesson I ever got for any new endeavor. Let’s please invest a few minutes to start right, and be clear together on the why, how & what. Straight talk, friend to friend.

1.B: Embodiment: Let’s Try It

What is the root & substance here, and how can we braid wisdom + neuroscience? Dive right into the best part: new resources already pre-built into your body. Try it on live, with Charity Martin sharing what she mastered from Pema Chödrön, Dr. Peter Levine, and Marion Rosen.

1.C: Don’t Make Stress Worse

“Stop while you are behind”: handy emergency measures to quit pouring new oil on the fire of stress.  See  funny, helpful gems from Martha Borst, 1:1 teacher of C-suite leaders from Wall Street to Stanford University for 30+ years. Plus, an award-winning boss of “Martha’s Vineyard,” you’ll see what I mean 😊.

Wait, wait, there is one more thing… 1.D: Punchline and Next Steps 😊

Let’s co-create this whole thing together – it’s easy!

We are not building some one-way boring school-like lecture series, or worse yet, a pitch or an informercial, ugh.  I and the folks at Upend truly invite you to co-create this together– in an open, secular, easygoing way, in a simple community of like-minded, like-hearted people.  Let’s put it all together for today:

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