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Another day, another tank rolling into another country.  My family went through something eerily similar in the 1990s when Yugoslavia fell apart and Bosnia was brutally attacked by the neighboring Serbia and war criminal Slobodan Milosevic and crew – suffering over 200,000 casualties, one million refugees, and a destroyed country.  Under similar pretenses now facing Kiyv, Sarajevo was under the longest siege in modern times, nearly four years of snipers, shelling, and murdering children.  This cannot happen again!
Since the emergence of online learning, there has been a discussion on whether online classes are better than traditional classes. There have been competing schools of thought with valid arguments for and against both.

In the case of distance learning, it may be most appropriate at colleges and universities. Research data consistently indicate that students strongly prefer distance education.

Distance learning allows students to balance their other commitments more effectively, at least in cases they are adult learners, commuters, and part-time students. They don’t believe that they sacrifice a quality education for the convenience of utilizing distance learning.

However, both traditional and online learning comes with advantages and disadvantages. When is online learning more convenient than traditional learning? This blogpost indicates the real potential of online learning versus traditional classes.

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Upend’s call to action: enough with the wars

Time to bring wisdom to warmongering

We’ve had more than we can stand with recent wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and so many others, and now Ukraine.  Enough!