If you want to enjoy life more,

your wisdom skills may need


Since 2002, we’ve been on a quest to help thousands find more joy, wellbeing, and balance in their lives – in a practical, secular, easy-going way: come and go as you it suits you.  Simply put, we trust that YOU KNOW BEST WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU, and that a refresh of ideas rooted in humanity’s universal wisdoms, and proven by the latest neuroscience can be incredibly helpful.

    These last few weird years now demand that we each be WISER.  It takes more today than it ever did before to get back to the daily enjoyment and richness of our lives, families, communities, and Earth.

    We started a humble, little “New School of Winning Wisdoms” to help boost people’s skills, but all of a sudden, and even more fun, a SPONTANEOUS COMMUNITY OF ORDINARY GOOD FOLKS sprung up by itself –sharing and learning with each other.

    It’s easier together

    Upend Teachers & Coaches

    We love to meet curious people who seek new (and old) ideas to make ordinary lives work exceptionally well

      Three Ways To Play



      Free, content-rich & open venues to share and learn wisdom teachings interactively, with like-minded and like-hearted folks from all walks of life.



      Free and discounted courses at our “New School of Living Wisdoms”. Join our Master Teachers, coaches and peers and engage in a hands-on way to learn valuable skills for health, wealth & joy in all our lives.



      Elder Wisdom Keepers persist in learning, curating, and passing down ancient and Indigenous intelligence, often in tough circumstances.  From our donations and proceeds, we grant no-strings-attached funds to vetted Elders and their apprentices.  We also help amplify their voices.