Want to enjoy life more?

Your skills to deal with today’s “10x Stress” may need


Since 2002, we’ve been on a quest to help thousands find more joy, well-being, and balance in their lives – in a practical, secular, easy-going way: come and go as it suits you.  Simply put, we trust that you know what’s best for you, and that a REFRESH of skills rooted in humanity’s universal wisdoms, and proven by the latest neuroscience can be incredibly helpful.

Whether you are a 20-year practitioner of yoga and meditation, a teacher in your own right, or even a total novice, these “crazy times” have heaped on all of us dangerous new variants of stress, for which we need to upgrade our existing and develop new “winning skills”.

    These last few weird years now demand that we each be WISER.  It takes more today than it ever did before to get back to the daily enjoyment and richness of our lives, families, communities, and Earth.

    The #1 enemy circulating today, working against all of us, is the new variant of good ole’ STRESS that we all thought we had some skills against – we call it the variant “10x stress”.  How to recognize it, find where it sneaks in, and create ways to make friends with it – so it leaves you alone?

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    Deep insights and simple, practical exercises from humanity’s universal wisdoms are presented by a fun, diverse group of teachers in our bite-size, self-paced mini series.  They will get you started on creating a foundation for your own winning skills to upend the new “10x Stress”.